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DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

A Digital signature is to electronic documents what a manually written signature is to printed documents. A Digital signature is an electronic signature which can be used to validate the character of the sender of a message or the signer of a file or document.

Like physical documents are signed physically, electronic documents, for instance, e-forms are required to be signed carefully utilizing a Digital Signature Certificate.

Why DSC?

The Information Technology Act, 2000 accommodates the utilization of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic structure to guarantee the security and credibility of the documents. Digital Certificates are issued just through a legitimate Certification Authority (CA).

Digital signatures are frequently used to execute electronic signatures, a more extensive term that refers to any electronic information that conveys the expectation of a signature, but not all electronic signatures utilize Digital signatures. In certain nations, including the United States, India, and members from the European Union, electronic signatures have lawful significance.

Types of Certificate

  • Signature Certificate

  • The signature certificate is comparing to the private signing key. People or associations will use it for signing reason. The key pair will be created by candidate/endorser in a safe medium and is inherent to protect his private key in authority. The signature certificate is issued by e-Mudhra after the approval procedure referenced in the CPS. The depending gatherings can utilize this certificate for signature verification.

  • Encryption Certificate

  • The encryption key pair is used by the supporter for getting encrypted messages which are encoded utilizing endorser's public key. The supporter fills in the application and submits to eMudhra, or it's approved RAs alongside the identification and address verification. The RA verifies the application, id proof, and address proof and approves the request. The Subscriber gives a password in the portal for ensuring the encryption certificate. The server creates the encryption key, escrows and makes it accessible for the client in the entry. The subscriber needs to login with the accreditations sent to his digital id and downloads the encryption certificate from the portal.

  • SSL Server Certificate

  • SSL server certificates are Digital identifications containing data about web server and the association that is owning the server's web content. An SSL server certificate empowers clients to confirm the server, check the legitimacy of web content, and set up a secure connection.

  • Code Signing Certificate

  • Code signing certificate encourages the client to create trust in the downloaded code. It enables clients to identify the endorser to decide whether somebody other than the signer has modified codes. Signed codes can be binary files produced by software programs.

Class of Certificates

Each class of digital signature certificate is related to specific security features and compares to a specific dimension of trust.

  • Class 1 certificate

  • Affirmation Level:

    Class 1 certificates will be issued for both business personnel, and private people use. These certificates will affirm that the data in the application given by the endorser does not cause strife with the data in well-perceived consumer databases.


    This gives an essential level of confirmation important to conditions where there are dangers and outcomes of information compromise, yet they are not viewed as of major significance.

  • Class 2 certificate

  • Confirmation Level:

    These certificates will be issued for both personal and private people use. These certificates will affirm that the data in the application given by the supporter does not cause strife with the data in well-perceived purchaser databases.


    This level applies to conditions where the dangers and results of information bargain are moderate. This may incorporate transactions having generous financial esteem or risk of fraud, or including access to private data where the probability of malignant access is considerable.

  • Class 3 certificate

  • Confirmation Level:

    This certificate will be issued to particular individual and organizations also. As these are high confirmation certificates, essentially expected for e-commerce applications, they will be issued to people just on their own (physical) appearance before the Certifying Authorities.


    This level is pertinent to situations where dangers to information are high, or the outcomes of the failure of security administrations are high. This may incorporate exceptionally high- value transactions or high level of fraud risk.

The validity of the Certificate

You could purchase certificates with a total validity up to three years.

Who could purchase our certificate?

There is no constraint on who could purchase our certificates, individuals and association from India and outside India can purchase our certificates if they meet our Verification Guidelines. It will be ideal if you take a look at our list below to choose a suitable application form.

  • Individuals

  • The DSC is for Indians, whose associations don't need a name to be a part of the certificate.

  • Organization

  • The DSC is for organizations (any substance), who need their association name to be a piece of DSC.

  • Foreign Individuals

  • The DSC is for outsiders and might want to utilize our certificate in their name.

  • Foreign Organization

  • The DSC is for Organizations enlisted outside India might want to utilize our Digital Certificates.

  • Document Signer Certificate

  • If you mean to utilize our certificate for the mass signing of documents, you could utilize our Bulk Signer Certificates. We would offer this certificate in PFX document for Class 2 and is sold to Organizations as it were.

Utilization of DSC

The Uses of computerized signature is equivalent to that of a handwritten signature. A Digital signature utilizes computerized keys to verify an individual. A Digital signature certificate attached to any document is a binding commitment by the signature holder in agreement to IT Law in India. The utilization of digital signature is going tough because unlike a handwritten signature, it is viewed as difficult to fake or copies a Digital signature. With the advancement in technology, we are moving far from the pen and paper world to an electronic period.

The foremost e-filling, e-tender and e-procurement sites where the utilization of Digital signature is required for login

  • MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)
  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • Sign digital documents

These are a list of some of the areas where DSC is required for login as the areas are quite vast now, and it is increasing day by day.

Documents Required for DSC

If the candidate is an Indian National, kindly present the accompanying documents for identity and address proof:

Identity Proof

  • Passport
  • PAN Card of the Applicant
  • Driving License
  • Post Office ID Card
  • Bank Account Passbook containing the photo and marked by a person with verification by the concerned Bank official
  • Any Government issued picture ID card bearing the signatures of the person

Address Proof

  • AADHAAR Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving License (DL)/Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Water Bill (Not more seasoned than 3 Months).
  • Electricity Bill (Not more seasoned than 3 Months)
  • Latest Bank Statements marked by the bank (Not more seasoned than 3 Months)
  • Service Tax/VAT Tax/Sales Tax enrollment certificate
  • Property Tax/Corporation/Municipal Corporation Receipt

Final Thoughts

Digital signatures have been around for numerous years, and there is no harm to try it. So Dooly helps you to connect with authorized agents to get Digital Signature Certificates to individual and organizations which is mostly acceptable now in various legal documents. To serve you better related to certificates we are available in your area our DSC agents will assist you surely at there for your all concerns.



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